Clean up & Speed up

This $75 Package (Flat Rate of 1.5 Shop Hrs.) Actually takes many hours to do and includes lots of maintenance. Details below...

Data & Password Recovery

I can recover your lost or encrypted data or passwords or there is no charge!

Full Computer Restore

Upgrades and repairs can usually be done, but nothing beats a fresh and clean fully restored computer. I save all the good stuff you need and want while starting it over new and faster. I test the hard drives, the memory, the battery, and all other key components during this process.

Cloud Backup

Put your data in the cloud safe and sound from ransomware and corrupted files.

Networks, Managed IT

From physically running cat6 high speed cable onsite to installing gigabit networks from the computer to the demarcation point in your business or home, I can provide IT support for homes and small to medium sized businesses.

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Clean up & Speed up Explained

1) Cleanup of old, un-necessary files. (Temporary Files, Windows Update Installers, System Restore Points)
2) Disk Cleanup Utility Ran (Cleans out lots of stuff taking up space on your hard drive.)
3) Disk Check Utility Ran & Drive Monitor Installed (Checks for bad sectors on the hard drive and fixes them.)
4) Free cCleaner Software Installed & Ran (Cleans even more old files & fixes some registry errors.)
5) Disk Defragment Utility Ran (This can make a BIG difference in performance.)
5) Startup Items Configured (Command "msconfig" decides what comes on when you power on your pc.)
6) Performance Options Configured (Turns off un-necessary "eye-candy" that slows system speed.)
7) Windows Services Configured (Windows has alot running all the time that isn't necessary for most.)
8) Malware & Spyware Removal Software Installed & Ran (Cleans up most adware, spyware, trackers, hi-jackers, etc.)
9) Windows Updated Fully (Most people don't update Windows frequent enough if at all.)
10) Drivers Updated (Most people don't realize how important this is.)
11) Web Plug-In Software Updated (Acrobat Reader, Flash, Java, .NET, Shockwave, Air, Direct X, Silverlight)
12) Browsers Updated (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera etc.)
14) Free Teamviewer Software Installed (Allows you to connect to your home pc from work or visa-versa.)
15) System File Check (Windows File Inventory Check)
16) "God Mode" Added to Compatible/Newer Operating Systems (An "All-In-One" control panel for Vista or 7.)
17) Toolbar, Bloatware, Scareware & Junk Programs Un-Installed (Some of these programs can even be bad for your pc.)
18) Antivirus Update, Scan, & Consultation (If you don't have a good one or anything at all, I'll advise you.)
19) Processor "CPU" & Memory "RAM" Consultation (I'll tell you if you need any upgrades for your pc.)
20) FREE Physical Cleaning (I'll blow-out and vacuum dust and debris from inside your computer.)

The Best Computer Repair in Glasgow, Ky

You simply will not get the attention to detail that is offered at Affordable PC. Most computer repair shops just want to turn your computer out the door as quickly and effortlessly as possible. I take pride in my work, and stand behind everything I do.


Next Steps...

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