About Us

Long before I ever did computer repair my first computer was a Commodore 64, but being 10 years old I think I remember making a rainbow appear on a screen after lines and lines of "goto" taking hours of work and took the next ten years off from computers.

At age 20 I had my second and third computers, the Amiga 500 and a Packard Bell x86 loaded with Windows 3.1.

Within a few years Windows 98 was out and bought my first custom ordered brand new computer system, going all out for the flat screen option (Which at the time added $500 to a $1200 pc.) A Compaq Presario Slimline. It indecently had only 64MB, no ethernet card, and a 20GB hard drive. I upgraded everything I could. Glasgow, Ky. did however have some awesome internet for those days, a whopping 1.5 Mb/s!

It's funny now to think of what was being sold to us compared to today, and for the mere price of a used car.

Around the Y2K era I worked for a local logistics company taking over many of the office admin functions as assistant to the Vice President of Express One Source and delved into relational databases and networking. We used Q&A and Paradox 9, Excel, FrontPage, Word, Mailer+4 and of course Outlook.

In 2006 I purchased a piece of historic property in Glasgow and started Affordable PC in 2007.

Thousands of computers later I am still here doing one of my passions, making broken systems work again, both in function and communication.



Our Approach

To provide the cheapest yet most professional work and take the stress of computer issues off of your shoulders.



Meet the Team

A Barren County resident for over 40 years with 20 years of hardware & networking experience.

Next Steps...

Call me today at (270) 576-MYPC and discuss your computer issues with me, all consults and estimates are free.